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A group of girls wants to spend their holidays in extreme conditions, so they go on an interesting expedition to explore the mountain ranges. Stumbled upon a mysterious grotto, curious girls can not pass by and decide to examine it. But when they get downstairs, the random collapse to sleep their way to the retreat. The girls have no choice but to go forward, deep into the cave, hoping to find another way out. But soon it turns out that they are not alone in these caves. The grotto is inhabited by unknown nightmarish creatures that soon begin to hunt for girls. Creatures live in caves and know them by heart, can see well in the dark, so to resist them is very difficult. One by one the girls disappear, and friends only hear a terrible scream. Will the heroines be able to resist the vile creatures? What kind of creatures inhabit this cave, how did they get here? Find girls getting less out of this Kingdom of darkness and horror?

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