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Original Title: Garfield and Friends
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: NBC
Creators: Jim Davis
Language: English
Description: Garfield is a fat and lazy red cat who believes that the whole world revolves around him. We can not say that he was wrong: if not the whole world, the world of his master definitely lives by the laws that dictate Garfield. But it can't last forever, of course, and very soon Garfield will have to put up with big changes in his life. When John, his master, gets a clockwork and cute dog named Odie, and then meets a pretty girl, the cat realizes that life will not be the same. Annoying Odie encroaches on the attention of John and the personal space of Garfield, and if the first at the very least can still be put up, the second – quite unforgivable act. The only desire of the cat is to make Odie disappear forever from his home and his life, but when it finally happens, and the puppy falls into bad hands, Garfield suddenly begins to feel responsible for the missing. Now he needs to save Odie and accept the fact that now he can not escape.

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