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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
Action cartoon takes place in the streets of the city Ergastulum. He is so mired in crime that the police abandoned all attempts to prevent crime. Everything that happens here causes chaos and panic. Among ordinary people feel calm various bandits, mafia, criminal authorities, rapists and thieves. The authorities have become corrupt and when it seems there is no hope something to do POPs of Bequia. For a small fee, with which the guys are trying to improve their lives, you can contact the Agency for help.rn

Bequia is a small Agency consisting of only two people. Hansa (Banditos) watch online show that it is not necessary to be a superhero to protect the world from crime. A girl named Alex, acts as a Secretary, she processes applications and passes orders to the main characters. Varrick-Casanova guy, and Nicholas, who is one of the labeled, happy to undertake any complex and unsolvable tasks.this is somewhat vaguely reminiscent of the adventures of Gravity falls, only in a more adult context. Guys face danger, they will have to use all their intellectual and physical abilities. Possession of weapons and a katana – sword, which is legendary, will help them cope with any task, despite the fact that people in the town have long been accustomed to the brutal criminal world.they're not heroes, they're just doing their job, there has to be someone willing to deal with the problems of the Ergostulum. The guys are always ready to take up the order of any complexity, and in addition to earnings, they perform tasks that the police must cope with, clean the streets from the most avid villains. Ordinary citizens deserve to live in peace today, thanks to these guys they have a chance.Everything goes well until a police officer they know throws up a new job. The whole point is to destroy a new criminal gang and it would seem that the order is no different from the others, but everything is much more complicated. Varrick and Nicholas will realize that entered into a rather complex game mafia that trophies that they receive, will carry a bloody trail and will require a lot of skills and dexterity to, in the end, to dot the "and" and complete the job. The first successful orders will seem to them simply fantastic when they face what did not expect in any way.the animated Series will teach that you should not give up, and everyone can participate in the struggle for justice. Guys are ordinary people, with its difficult fate. They are friends since childhood, and each of them has passed its not an easy way. Varrick was a prostitute, despite the fact that a child does not see in one eye, since the father put out a cigarette on him. Nicholas saved him, killing the whole cruel family of a friend and thus becoming his protector and patron.the Guys decide to open an Agency and cooperate with both ordinary people and the police, their strength and abilities will be enough to clear the streets of the city from all sorts of craziness, and make life cleaner and easier.

this anime is filled with multiple adventures and will not leave indifferent fans of wrestling and extreme sports.