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There comes a cold winter, which so feared all the inhabitants of the seven kingdoms. Already not far off the first frosts which can survive not all. Ordinary people should only lock themselves in their homes and wait out this difficult time for everyone. Of course you need to take care of food in the form of grain, wood and water, so you can live.No one in the series "game of thrones" (2sezon) does not know how many years this winter will last and that's what scares you the most, as the reserves for life may simply not be enough. Meanwhile, before the onset of cold weather continues insidious struggle for power. In Westeros, the main concern is who will take the Iron throne before winter, as he will rule all winter.The hypocritical heroine named Cersei seized the throne in her hands, but paid for it by the implementation of an ancient prophecy, which she was told at a young age. According to the prophecy, she will lose all her children. Such grief is very influenced it - she started acting crazy. But Cersei still wants to keep the power and will do anything for this. At this time, her position is shaken and the great battle is coming, which will take many lives, but the winner will get it all.