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Princess Isabella spent several months on the road to get to the hero, whose exploits her father told her. This knight was famous for his courage, he was lucky and courageous in battle and never passed by injustice, with a sword in his hand protecting the offended. And still he had good manners and true gallantry in relation to beautiful ladies. Because his so-called GALANT. But who did Isabella really meet?nnBefore her was a fallen man, wishing only to fill the belly, plenty to drink and a good night's sleep. While the troubles of the oppressed, as it does to others, he has no business. "What happened to you?",- the Princess asked in amazement. It turns out that the GALANT met the girl he loved. But not indifferent to female beauty King Richard stole it. Knight found his chosen one during the wedding ceremony. "You can give her wealth and power," he said to the King. "But only I can give her great love." "Actually, I prefer wealth," said the treacherous traitor. Since then, the meaning of life, for the knight was lost.nnAnd yet, Isabella manages to resurrect the old GALANT. Their common enemy is cruel and immoral Richard. The heroes go on a dangerous journey, the purpose of which is to take revenge on the King and protect the people of Isabella from his oppression.

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