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"Renegades" from France take part in the Bosnian war. During one of the sea operations, they find a treasure at the bottom of the pond. Apparently, he's been vacationing there for decades. What secret covers it and who is its master? The soldiers were ordered to deliver cargo from Mali. It was necessary not to leave any traces of its presence. The destination was Sarajevo. But things did not go according to plan. Soldiers discovered, so had to improvise. The city opened fire. One of the stupidest decisions was to drive a tank through the streets to avoid a barrage of bullets.But after a failed mission, one soldier told another legend. There were rumors that during the Second World war the Nazis confiscated gold from the French. The locals flooded the village to stop them. And now it's at the bottom of the lake. Fighters agree to go in search of lost treasures. It is planned to search for gold bars for three hundred million dollars, which no one has seen for more than half a century. A large unauthorized action at a depth of fifty meters under water in the center of enemy territory. This is their chance to perform a feat for the people of this country.Five Navy seals and one impossible Scam. Something interesting is coming. But the problem is that after the failure in Sarajevo, fighters are actively looking for bounty hunters. Mercenaries not only broke the oath, but also got involved in extremely adventurous business. What will come of this difficult journey through the lost treasure of Nazi Germany? They will have to dive in difficult conditions. Cold water is not conducive to long-term immersion. But this is only the flowers, compared to what awaits them ahead. The military equipment will strenuously prevent these brave guys to carry out their tasks.

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