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Near future. The planet is fundamentally changed. Part of the population has become accustomed to the new understood that other residents are not so actively adapted. Scientific and technological progress is felt in almost all areas. Despite the achievements of outstanding scientists, medical business leaves much to be desired, medicine is still powerless before some diseases. The young man had not particularly wanted to think about what lies ahead, he chose to settle for every day. Now the situation has changed radically, and the reason was the news of a deadly disease of the mother. Not wanting to put up with the disappointing prospects, a caring son firmly decided that he would find a means to save the only loved one.The guy is not sure that there really is a miraculous remedy, which he heard quite by accident and did not even pay due attention at that moment. When the problem touched him personally, the young man is ready to go on a long, full of surprises and dangers journey. Time is running out. Doctors who examined the patient, made a disappointing diagnosis. The woman is a few months away from death. The son must hurry, return on time, otherwise the irreparable will happen, and will not be able to save his mother. In the path of the seeker panacea accompanied by a faithful robot that performs both the functions of a guard and a friend. At first, the movement took place without any difficulties, but later there was a mortal danger for both travelers.

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