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On the eve of the Millennium, a young American Philip fry feels like a loser: he hates his job and the boss of the pizzeria, and his beloved left him and went to another, richer. On top of all the troubles another order that the guy delivered, there is no one to accept and pay – he was someone's evil joke: at the specified address is the cryogenics laboratory, in other words-freezing, and in it – no one.with a Wave of his hand, fry sits down here in the room to eat undelivered pizza – and, unsuccessfully swinging on a chair, flies into the cryochamber, which freezes it for a thousand years.after getting Out of the apparatus in 3000, fry gets at the disposal of Turanga Leela – officer of the distribution of destinies, which should, having studied it, determine its purpose in New new new York. Leela great figure and beautiful purple hair, but only one eye. The girl explains that she is an alien, and one of a kind, and informs fry that he in the future has one living relative. While she analyzes fry's abilities, he dreams of starting a new, happy life in the future-but it turns out that here he will have to work as a courier! The guy gets away from Leela, who wants to implant him a special "courier" chip and, deciding to call his relative, enters the phone booth, which turns out to be a booth for suicide. With him there is a robot Bender Bender, foul-mouthed and drunk – miraculously escaped death, the two are saved from to find the fugitive Leela are already together. After the chase, Leela catches up with them-fry surrenders and obediently puts his hand under her apparatus, but the girl, who actually also can not stand his work, realizes that the hated thing to do is not necessarily, and takes out the career guidance chip from his own hand. The three of them quickly find Fraeva relative – a Professor Hubert Farnsworth, a brilliant scientist and owner of a cargo ship, which to resume work on the delivery of interplanetary cargo is not enough only the team (the former ate space wasps).rn

So rustic popdance fry, athlete-KP-beauty Leela and robot Bender becomes cosmic couriers. The team is complemented by: ship doctor Dr. Zoidberg (huge crab), his assistant Amy Wong, daughter of Martian oligarchs Very soon fry is convinced that the work of the courier in the interplanetary version of uninteresting can not be called – the guys deliver goods to other planets, constantly risking health, and even life. But in addition to work in their destinies there is a lot of important. For example, Leela will learn and accept that in fact she is not an alien, but a mutant – her parents threw the girl in a shelter with a note in the "alien" language to provide her with a better life than the one that shone her in the Old new York city-a city of mutants in the sewers, on the ruins of which there is a New Professor Farnsworth will have to fight on the scientific field with his eternal rival and former student Ogden Wernstrum – he swore a terrible revenge on the teacher for the five with a minus. Amy is intended to marry a great love for an alien, and their children will have to bear it to him. And all of them together more than once will have to resist the intrigues of the oligarch Mom and correct the stupidity of the "great captain" Zep Brannigan. All this and much more can be seen in the animated series "Futurama" – watch online the most convenient! – as well as in several full-length animated films.

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