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Original Title: Frozen Planet
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: BBC One
Language: English
Description: Animated film Icy heart (2013) will help the viewer to touch the real magic, believe in a fairy tale, and keep warm this endless winter. This is an American cartoon that is perfect for family viewing, based on the story of the fairy tale snow Queen Hans Christian Andersen. In the end, the mountaineer Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and a gorgeous Princess Anna and lovable snowman Olaf. The time has come and the ancient prophecy has come true-the Kingdom was covered with snow like a white blanket. To all other troubles added more and kidnapping sister Anna, Elsa, who is the only one who can help the magical Kingdom and all its inhabitants, and remove the ancient spell. To rescue his sister from the hands of villains, courageous Anna embarks on a dangerous journey-her goal is to find Elsa and save all those who are dear to her. Ahead of friends waiting for a lot of tests and exciting adventures. nnCartoon Icy heart, released in 2013, is a new creation from the company Walt Disney and Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. A terrible curse of ancient times has come true, and since then everything in the magical Kingdom is covered with snow, and the earth is bound by permafrost. A team of brave men goes on a long journey. And here they already meet mysterious trolls, the lovely and good-natured snowman Olaf, and many other characters, some of which will help heroes, and some, on the contrary, in every possible way to interfere with them in achievement of the noble purpose. Heroes of the animated film Cold heart waiting for incredible surprises, and magic will meet here in every floating snowflake.nnIt is worth mentioning about the other, although not the main, but the same bright characters of the story told in the cartoon Cold heart. This Prince Hans, and Duke Weselton, and Oaken, who owns a Mobile Shop and Sauna Oaken, and a giant snowman with ice claws Marshmallow. Here, in the best traditions of the great Disney, little kids and realistic adults presented a new version of such a popular and famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, which has already been filmed several times, including in Russia, in 2012. Echoes a new story and an animated film

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