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The picture called "Difficulties of assimilation" is based on real events. The main characters are immigrants. On their native lands they live very hard. So they decided to look for a better life. To do this, the characters move to America. Many believe that this country attracts wealth and success. That's what the main characters want. All the guys decided to take a chance. Began their a long and thorny path. First, they spent some time in Washington. There is, of course, they were a bit hard, because people are a nationality everywhere is not easy. They eventually make their way to Philadelphia, namely the city of Orlando. This is a more suitable place where people from other countries settle. It is hard for everyone to get used to the new land, country and home. But still there is a good life. Yes, and people make good money. If the main characters were looking for better life options, then surely this is what you need. To all went like clockwork the main characters decided to open a small family business. Let's hope they succeed. In this case, the main thing is to understand the way of life that was before. These are the people who need a change for the better. So everything will end great, at least for those who need it.