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A small American town is exposed to atakovany bloodthirsty zombies that eat everyone who gets in their way. High school student Doug, along with several of his friends is in the midst of terrible events, and when it seemed already worse can not be in the city there are vampires who hunt not only people but also zombies. On the streets starts mess, and the once peaceful town where nothing ever happened, turns into a bloody mess. To survive in this situation is very difficult, but people are trying to fend off numerous attacks. Things get even worse at a time when the city overhanging huge alien ships, and the aliens do not just land, but also make attempts to capture the planet. In this situation, Doug, zombie Ned and vampire Peter understand that they can survive only if they join forces. Those who until recently fought among themselves and ruthlessly killed each other, in the face of a new, much more serious danger, decide to act together. Will people in Alliance with vampires and zombies give battle to powerful alien invaders, who could not imagine that such chaos is happening on Earth?

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