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John-a promising man, his life's work he did, and to be more precise-music. It would seem, what can be interesting for an ordinary musician without world, or at least "local" fame? So, the main character of the picture all the time dreams of a big scene, girls who cried out his name and wait at the exit, as well as other accompanying "buns" inherent in popular personalities.But at this point it is far from this fantasy, which John constantly "loses" in your imagination. He only got acquainted with the group of musicians and fit into their circle of friends, they play, think about the works and rejoice – which, in fact, is quite typical, if not for one nuance.And the leader of the "movement" named Frank, who is famous for among friends by inappropriate and generally weird social circle (except for the team). There are a number of problems that John will have to overcome on the way to his dream, and then – not the fact that as a result he will have fame, wealth and other advantages of his occupation. However, to put up with this man and a number of other disadvantages he will have to, otherwise play in the team will not work. Will John be able to cope with the problems and how to get out of this situation?

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