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A small series of three episodes is based on the novels of the famous American science fiction writer Frank Herbert, dedicated to the distant future, when a man conquered the Universe, but can move between the worlds only with the help of a special substance called Spice. Extract it on one on the entire Universe the planet is Arrakis, called dune, because all of it is covered by deserts. Living in its giant sand worms, and is the source of Spice. Many years ago, a battle was fought over the Dune, during which Emperor Shaddam IV, the ruler of all people, was killed, and the new Emperor declared himself Paul Atreides, a young Duke who became the leader of the uprising on Arrakis and a prophet for its inhabitants – the mysterious Fremen. Dune turns into a blooming world, and if there is no sand, where to live worms, without which nowhere to take the Spice?