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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Dylan white works as a cook in a restaurant, meets a pretty girl named brandi and generally leads a predictable and not very interesting life. Unusually in it only one thing: Dylan was born recently, when a young man who came out of a coma, realized that nothing at all remembers. Realizing that it is necessary to start from scratch, he took a new name and became an ordinary hard worker, but the period of calm and stability is about to come to an end. The quiet life ends when Dylan begins to visit terrible visions, hint at the bloody past full of secrets. In the past, Dylan had a different name, he lived in New Orleans and, apparently, was entirely different, not a peaceful profession. Not to forget about the horrors in which he was haunted girls mutilated, Dylan decides to whatever was to find out what hides his past, and himself at first not knowing, finds himself in a deadly situation.

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