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Nick barrow has a very unusual talent – he is able to think of literally any robbery, while he never risks. The hero sells his carefully designed plans to those who will pay him more, and his detailed scheme helps criminals to get up and get out of the most protected buildings. For a long time he managed to avoid any trouble and live in the shadows, but everything changed at the moment when the robbers that bought one of his plans of robbery, were brutally killed. One of the bandits was the son of a very influential and dangerous drug cartel leader who blames nick and wants him dead.The hero finds himself in a very difficult situation, because he is hunted not only by violent criminals obsessed with revenge, but also by corrupt police officers who want to keep their Affairs secret. Nick is not afraid of death and understands that sooner or later he will be found, but he really wants to protect his daughter, with whom he had a difficult relationship. Now the hero must not only take care of her and escape from the crowd of thugs, but also to hold out for three weeks, because then enter into force his life insurance, and in the event of his death, the daughter will receive a million dollars. Will Nick be able to develop a plan for his own salvation and, in spite of everything, hold out for 21 days?

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