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Defending justice and the letter of the law is dual. Representatives of the defense are trying to extract from the investigation details that can give odds to the accused, and the prosecutors are making efforts to lightning attack for the sake of rapid arrest of suspects. Newcomers judicial showdown dream of working "For the people season 1" and the triumph of justice. Savvy in the interpretation of various laws, regulations and rules of lawyers dream of a rapid rise. Daring attacks against the sharks of the Prosecutor's office are a challenge for young people. Complex procedural conflicts trouble the way for brave seekers of glory.Victory over dodgy bison of jurisprudence depends on the sum of factors. From now on, the personal attitude of a professional to the essence of the case becomes a secondary aspect. A desperate desire to prove themselves competent professionals affects the first hearing. Ambitious zeal suppressed serious shocks. Personal life interferes with an objective to see the problem, and claims colleagues point to an invalid working blunders. Specifics of specialization confronts the wise men with a resonant debate. Will sincere fighters for the truth and the rule of law be able to overcome the obstacles sent down to them to test their character?

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