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In the face of the guy Yukihira Catfish has always been the best role model – his father, Juichiro. The man perfectly prepared and even created own restaurant in which quite often he was helped by the successor. The boy was good at creating in the kitchen, so the cherished dream of the student was to quickly pass the final exams and replace the chef.Ambitious young man with a natural talent all supported, but his father was burdened by one circumstance: Soma was so confident that he would become famous at the expense of a hardworking parent that he did not even consider other options. And then the wise mentor radically changes the existing way of life: on the eve of the graduation of his son, he sells a profitable business and goes abroad.looking for a divine recipe to watch online as a young man left without help and place of work seriously thinks about the future, which will have to be built with his own hands from scratch. Before leaving, Juichiro offered the gifted descendant a very attractive option: the guy must enter the prestigious culinary Academy and graduate from it. Moreover, if a purposeful young man becomes one of the best graduates, the doors to the most prestigious restaurants in the world will open for him. And well-deserved success will overtake the teenager.The only thing to worry about while staying at the Totsuki higher education institution, which annually produces real professionals in the culinary arts, is the unenviable glory of the Academy. For many years, strict discipline and meticulous selection eliminates 90% of students enrolled in the faculties, giving diplomas only to the most elected. In addition, future specialists, regular meetings are held, in which the rate – desire. The loser must immediately fulfill any request of the lucky winner. And quite often crowned the leader is voiced by the fatal thought: one competitor is excluded from the number of pupils of the school.rn

But not afraid of difficulties hereditary cooks, Soma. Even at the entrance exams, the hero distinguished himself by cooking fragrant rice with a changing taste thanks to a unique seasoning. However, the strict head of admissions Erina nakiri's issued its disappointing verdict: it's a really simple dish to one of the prospective students Tatsuki. Miraculously, once in the ranks of the Academy students, the purposeful Japanese begins to comprehend the secrets of cooking in different countries, simultaneously making new friends and true friends.teachers immediately notice the Energetic young man. His talent causes difficult obstacles, because many competitors who dream to take one of the places of graduates of the University, strive to substitute a successful cook. And the key character of the film "in search of a divine recipe" has to be very attentive and careful not to give teachers a reason to doubt his exceptional gift. The charismatic young man shows perseverance and sincere desire to learn all the subtleties of cooking, like all other students of Totsuki. But only a few will reach the finish line.