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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Chip, working ordinary furniture maker, considers himself a failed man. Already reached the age of 40, a man constantly feels how joyless and aimless day by day his life flies. Once he was the culprit of the accident, the victim of which was a young man, and since then the Chip is always trying to escape from reality with the help of alcohol, spending a lot of time in the company of equally frivolous and to anything not aspiring people. But one day this man, tired of the senselessness of his own existence, gives himself the word to change everything and start living a completely different way. Chip's changes begin with a move to the small California town of Venice, and his business there is really going well. The man organizes a group of those who, like him, seeks to end alcohol consumption forever and start life in Venice from scratch, where he becomes a real leader, he has new friends. Chip believes that the old problems it never caught, but after meeting with the sweetheart of his friend, to which he immediately begins to experience the strongest feelings, he is again faced with numerous challenges. Starting to watch the series "from scratch" online for free, you can learn about all the twists and turns of the fate of the Chip…