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MIA lives in a remote suburb of the city, where all around cheap houses for the poor, wastelands and landfills. She is only 15 years old, but she is already very familiar with the underside of life. Every morning, she sees her mother in a terrible hangover, and a half-sister-a youngster is stuffed with beer cigarettes. Every day in their house, strongly resembling a crack house, there are drunken brawls with the participation of the girlfriends of the mother, the same alcoholics, and her next men.MIA herself is considered a problem child, she was expelled from school, friends mock her. She really is behaving provocatively, not very regard to decency. At the same time, she is very vulnerable and lonely. She wants to run away from this lousy town, it is stuffy here, she does not like anyone here. If you don't count the old lonely horse, to which the girl is very attached. MIA often tries to Express herself in dance, in her empty room. All her life changes when her mother brings home a new boyfriend who charmed the girl.

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