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  • Drama
The heroes of the series is a team of assorted characters, United in one criminal group. Each of them has their own unhappy past, in which they were deceived, betrayed, abandoned by those whom they trusted. Malcolm " Mel " Reynolds and his partner Zoe Washburn began to lead this way of life after the war of Unification. They had to die as support didn't come, colleagues threw them. However, the heroes survived, and she never forgave this betrayal, began to engage in a common cause. Mel purchased a used car, the space ship serenity, scored a team desperate team through the universe, picking up the most unimaginable and desperate quests to earn some money. Despite not quite legitimate Affairs, he guided by principles honor and prowess, that repeatedly manifests itself in the most dangerous situations.rn

the Team of "serenity" consists of a brave pilot wash Williams Washburn — wife Zoe, a girl mechanic Kaylee, mercenary Jayne Cobb. Also with them travels Inara-an elite courtesan, periodically taking on Board rich customers, but, if possible, not involved in illegal Affairs of the other crew members. To earn more credits, the ship's captain takes on new passengers. They turn out to be pastor Daryal Beech, talented Dr. Simon Tam with a huge container and suspicious type Dobson. Together they begin a new journey, during which it turns out that customers are not as simple as it seemed at first glance. Dobson is an Alliance undercover agent who's after the doctor and his sister river. Many years ago, the poor girl was taken to a specialized government Academy, where they put on her unthinkable experiments. To save sister Simon had to leave a prestigious job and steal it from the government. Only escape from powerful people is not easy. How will the rest of the crew, because they have to spend many days together.