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  • Drama
The first season of the series Clumsy" was filmed and released in 2011 by American cinema. Each series in the space of twenty minutes, tells the story and life of a teenage girl, on whose head constantly falls into trouble.Jane has just turned fifteen years old and like all girls of this age she would like to be the most popular girl of the school. But, alas, such heights she had not yet been attained. Once in a car accident, Jane gets seriously injured, and around her immediately begin to spread rumors that the girl tried to commit suicide. Refute personally these rumors is quite difficult: Jane due to injuries forced almost all the time to sit at home. Therefore, the beauty starts her blog on the Internet, which tells about her problems and helps to solve the problems of others. Along the way, Jane tells her readers about her feelings and thoughts, experiences and events. Everything she writes, is a genuine respect from her classmates, and together they raised and the credibility of Jane.