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Fans of such films as American Comedy Movie 43, the cult drama Trainspotting, Russian movies duhless will surely appeal news in 2013, the screens out the film adaptation of the book of Irvine Welsh "Shit". Decided on such a feat Director John Baird, who gave the audience this wonderful masterpiece, called just Dirt (2013), which is served intoxicating and truly immoral life of the Scottish police officer Bruce Robertson, whose role was played by actor James McAvoy. Crime drama Dirt, by the way, can rightly be considered a huge boost in the career of James, who until then literally drowns in monotonous films and images. The main character of the film Dirt, which was released in 2013, is a controversial personality and rotten through. There is nothing sacred left for him in this world. He goes to the head, not thinking about the fact that hurting those who remain behind him. He is not interested in moral torments, tears and pain of people close to him. He is what he is, and is not going to change. On the one hand, police officer Bruce Robertson is fun and sweet. He lives a full life, communicates with the right people and dreams that his wife and child will return to him. But inside Bruce only emptiness, dirt, shit which literally climbs from all cracks. He's an alcoholic, corrupt, pervert and drug addict. For the sake of achieving his own goal, the protagonist of the crime drama Dirt (2013), do not hesitate to weave intrigues, deceives, changes, destroys. At the moment, he only dreams of promotion, and for this he needs to solve the murder of a Chinese boy. And the audience, which will attract the attention of this high-quality, psychological drama that tells about the corrupt Scottish police, will have throughout the film to watch the perverted orgies of the protagonist, for his destruction of all good in itself, if it was once.

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