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Original Title: Film Riot
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Creators: Ryan Connolly
Language: English
Description: Once detective Jack stone began to hunt for a very dangerous and influential criminal of Russian origin Balam. After a long war, the authority killed the hero's family and completely destroyed his life. Now Jack is going to take revenge on his enemy, but it is very difficult to do it, because Ballam is in one of the most well-protected prisons, while he is not just a prisoner, but a real master. He has a luxurious room, a huge separate room for doing business and an abundance of bodyguards. Everyone, including the wardens and the head of the prison, is afraid to contact him and turn a blind eye to his illegal activities.To get close to the authority, Jack is forced to take extreme measures: he commits an armed Bank robbery and sits in the same prison where his old friend. The problem is that almost all the prisoners and guards are on the side of Balam, and they will do everything possible to turn the life of a former police officer into a real nightmare. But, despite all the dangers and hopelessness of the situation, Jack does not intend to give up, and, with the help of new friends, develops a risky plan. The hero will not give up until he takes revenge on the man, ruthlessly killed his beloved. But can one, even a well-trained soldier to resist an army of experienced killers?

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