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Tom Stall is a very ordinary American who lives in a small town and runs his own diner. His daily life was rather boring and monotonous: during the day he worked, and in the evening he returned to his family and was an exemplary husband and father. Everything changed when two criminals came to Tom's diner, and in the process of self-defense, he killed them both. Local media immediately made Tom a hero, which was not surprising: in the end, before arriving in the city of Millbrook, Indiana, thugs traveled through the province and for fun left behind a bloody trail of numerous corpses. As it turned out, the victory of Tom in the fight with the bandits was not random – when it started to follow a new threat criminals, it turned out that they know Tom personally, only I know it under a different name. When he was a gangster, but decided to stop and to create family in which problems are solved not with violence, but a much more civilized manner. However, if he wants to continue living with his family, for a while he will have to accept both the need for violence and his own past as a whole.

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