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Two icons, two of the main stars of her time, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis has never been livable. Both Actresses had a complex character, but their enmity reached the limit during the filming of the joint tape "what happened to Baby Jane?".on a plot of the Hollywood classical movie of the heroine Davis and Crawford conflicted among themselves for attention of public and love of relatives. This feud turned into a real war on the set. Actresses were fighting constantly and strongly bantered over each other.so, once Bette Davis installed a huge coke machine gun on the set, and this despite the fact that Crawford was the widow of a Pepsi Cola owner. In retaliation, Crawford put in his pocket a pile of stones, so on-screen partner, forced the script to drag her dragged in one of the scenes that broke my back.it even came to physical abuse, and one day Joan Crawford even had to suture because of the blow of a rival. In parallel, Bette Davis developed a conflict with her daughter due to the fact that she entered into a relationship with an unknown actor. Joan Crawford and all experienced difficult times, because of her advanced age refused to invite her to the movies, and the role in the film "What happened to Baby Jane?"was the last attempt of the actress to succeed.one way or another, the film was shot with a squeak, and journalists enjoyed relishing the details of the quarrels of the two former divas. Their place on the Hollywood Olympus was occupied by younger Actresses, and Davis and Crawford still tried to prove to each other personal superiority. Having noticed that the tense relations of performers of the main roles positively affects tension in a shot, the Director of a picture began to escalate specially a situation, bringing the stars to a nervous fit.Sooner or later, the shooting will be finished, and Bette Davis, despite the hatred of Crawford will collect a galaxy of awards for his role. Their conflict, ruthless and uncompromising, will forever go down in Hollywood history as an example of the never-ending enmity between the two icons of the big screen.

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