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Swindler, Laura has an incredible appearance, so it often commit crimes. One day she is right on time at the Cannes film festival robbing model, she steals her many expensive jewelry. At the same time Laura decides not to share with her accomplices who helped her to commit theft. She throws accomplices and hides with jewelry, while they have to be responsible for everything themselves. The heroine manages to escape from the country and even take possession of someone else's personality.Seven years later, Laura returned to France as the wife of the Ambassador and under the name of Lily watts. She feels safe, and does not even know that her former accomplices still remember her and want to find her. But they have not been able to find, if not annoying photographer who managed to capture the charming wife of the Ambassador and thus greatly substitute it. Laura's life is in danger, because her past begins to haunt her, and the criminals will not stop until they take revenge on her. But she always tries to find a way out of any, even the most difficult situation. This time she comes up with a cunning and treacherous plan that will lead to unexpected consequences.

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