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  • Drama
British Emma Banville-a fearless lawyer, dealing with cases for which most lawyers do not undertake. She receives a message from a woman who asks to take up the review of the case fourteen years ago. She was pregnant when her boyfriend Kevin Russell was accused of killing a 15-year-old schoolgirl. He was put away, but the young woman is still sure that Kevin did not commit this crime, and the police just forced the guy to confess. After talking to Russell in person, Emma agrees to be his lawyer. She asks for a folder with the case, listens to the disc with the questioning, and understands that a police officer Olivia Greenwood literally scared her the necessary recognition of the wimpy kid. After the "disclosure" of such high-profile cases, her career rapidly took off. She also noticed some inconsistencies in the evidence, ignored by the police – in light of a girl was found earth mixed with pine needles and soaked in fuel for the aircraft. In the place where she was found-not far from Kevin's workshop, there were no pines, no airfield. Having the report on discrepancy of proofs, the lawyer hoped that the court will give the green light on reconsideration of the case. However, the girl's relatives opposed to pulling an old story to light, as suddenly new facts emerged. It turns out that the dead fifteen-year-old girl was not as innocent as she was represented by the press. New facts gave rise to new problems – someone really did not want Kevin to be justified, and it was not an ordinary man in the street. It was felt that the real military experts began to work. Very soon Emma realized that in fact somehow connected to the American military and the innocent Kevin was only a scapegoat. Only will it be possible to prove it?