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  • Drama
On the day when she goes to see her boyfriend at the swimming, on the way girls 4 up intoxicated by its beauty and wine men, 3 of whom are children of wealthy people. None of them thought the joke would end in violence. Without giving the report in the actions, three guys force Fatmagul... The case is taken by the police. According to Turkish law, this process will be considered closed if one of the rapists marries the victim. And then the rich parents of rapists, to save their children from prison, develop a plan: they persuade the poor to marry Fatmagul, live with her in marriage for one year, and then divorce. So, a young girl is married to one of the rapists - Kerim. Their new life begins with hatred for each other. Rapists abused not only over a body, but also over destiny of the girl. Fatmagul becomes a prisoner of Kerim, she is forced to live with a stained honor.