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Original Title: Falling Water
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: USA Network
Creators: Blake Masters,Henry Bromell
Language: English
Description: There is a theory that dreams are trying to say something to the person generating them. Visions come to everyone and at that moment in time we think they belong only to the one who created them. What if we're wrong? What if our dreams are tiles of a huge mosaic? What if a man can leave his dream and enter into someone else's? Three different people, three different visions, but they're all one. "Falling water" - a symbol that combines pictures born of the subconscious game in moments of rest. Burton is engaged in that pulls bankers from wall street with sensitive situations and solves the problems of the fat cats, watching the purity of their reputation.free the robots time he searches for the woman from his dream. Taka is a special intelligence officer investigating another murder. A man is obsessed with finding a cure for his disabled mother. TES is an observer and marketing Advisor predicting the image that will be trending for the next season. But, now the girl is an artist, constantly drawing the face of the boy who comes to her every night. Her dream of their own labor, and TES are trying to learn, could she ever give this world life. Gradually, for these people, the line between reality and fiction is erased. Their life becomes like a quest with a certain chain of tasks. Elements of their dreams are intertwined and begin to come in reality during work, lunch, walking the streets of the city. It seems that these three are connected with each other not by chance, but they have yet to find out why the holding from above chose them to solve one of the mysteries of the universe.

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