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Original Title: Falling Skies
Channel: TNT
Creators: Robert Rodat
Language: English
Description: People faced a terrible unsolvable problem that led them to panic. For several months there is an invasion of alien troops on Earth in order to capture and destroy the human race. Modern weapons can not cope with the forces of the enemy. No one knows how to destroy the aliens, as long as they are invincible and continue to attack. They destroy one after another large cities and millions of people, no one can stop them. It was only when most of the planet had already been destroyed that people realized that it was necessary to unite efforts between the survivors and fight against the enemy. But it was too late - surviving small, almost all the military equipment and communications are broken. And those who stayed together in small guerrilla groups hiding and covertly take out the enemy. And they communicate with the help of homemade receivers that give a signal of only a couple of hundred kilometers. It would seem that the entire human race is doomed to imminent death, but then suddenly there are real brave heroes who unite all survivors into a single community. Now it's possible for aliens to fight back...

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