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Two alien races attacked Earth. These ideal murderers can hardly be called "green men". Robots and insect-like creatures want to occupy the territory of the blue planet and become masters here. In a bloody battle killed several million people. Survivors also have to accept the death of loved ones and friends. Tom Mason taught history before the war and was quite happy. However, as a result of the invasion, he loses his beloved wife and son. Our hero can not come to terms with the loss. He must act, because his life can end at any moment. A man must take revenge or die fighting for his own freedom. in the face of danger, humanity has decided to join forces. A small number of survivors manage to put together a militia that is preparing to oppose the enemies. However, on the side of aliens powerful military equipment, a huge force and special equipment with which you can find the location of any person. Despite the low chances of winning, our heroes do not give up hope. They are ready to pay any price for the victory and for the opportunity to live a normal life. Soon people are given a chance to overcome the invaders and reclaim the Land.

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