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Between Karma Ashcroft and Amy Rozenfeld no secrets: a close friend from Austin, Texas are constantly discussing interesting topics, trying to be as forthcoming as possible. High school girls want recognition of peers, but any attempt to stand out from the crowd according to the plot of the painting "Faking It" fail. There are more original characters in Hester high school.the main characters of the series "Falsification" willingly accepted the Invitation to the party from the famous gay in the district. The end of the evening brought many surprises. The fact that the organizer of the festival introduced their new friends to the audience, calling them the first couple of the girls with a nontraditional sexual orientation in the history of their school. Shane Harvey really believed them to be lesbians. Shocked by such a bold statement, the audience began to honor the brave girls. They were first spotted, and the beautiful nothing it did not.rn

to Unsubscribe from the limelight, it was difficult for them, a friend agreed to pretend to be a couple in order to consolidate the initial success in the team. But Very soon karma falls in love with a peer Liam Booker, she seeks to restore the reputation and does not want to hide feelings for the chosen one. And Amy realizes with horror that she really fell in love with her peers and is jealous of her current boyfriend.