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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
The life of a couple of guys in a small town Tivoli seemed ordinary and boring. One son of a strict father, the other son of a drug addict, adopted by the Sheriff, they study at school and are fond of motorcycles. But guys accidentally proved not there, look at as victim three bandits has turned into a predator. This predator committed a triple murder in cold blood and found unintentional witnesses. The boys were lucky to escape by accident, knocking down the killer. But soon they realized that he survived and they are hunting.Sheriff Helen quietly served in Tivoli, occasionally writing Parking tickets and trying to be a good mother to Philip. And when there were murders, I hoped to participate in investigation. But why did the FBI agents come to forbid it and whether all the dead were bandits? So many questions, but no one is going to give answers. Therefore, collecting grains of information the Sheriff is trying to understand what happened and how. More interesting secrets crawls out, turning out to be strings of one tangle.rn

Guys are in constant fear, even though the killer didn't see the faces. But through their fault other people suffered, saying goodbye to life. Yet they are afraid to talk about what happened, because you have to admit about meetings with each other and strange attracting feelings. And while they're in doubt, the killer goes forward, eliminating from his path all who are able to shed light on him.rn

But who is the real killer and who is Bella to him, whose father is involved with drugs? After all his bandits are killed, and his drugs were gone. Persistent Helen tries to get to the truth in all ways, despite the constant sticks in the wheels. At the same time, more and more skeletons fall out of the cabinets of the residents of the town. How is the wife of one of the bandits connected with this case and why is her sister, as an FBI agent, covering for the actions of a relative?new facts are Gradually being discovered, but nobody knows how to react to them. And who is actually the new agent Kane hired by the FBI? The story twists more and more, drawing new people and leaving no chance to hide the lies.