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  • Drama
The events of the series take the audience into a futuristic future, a world where technology has moved forward a long time ago. The main character, a woman named Molly Walts, would be a perfectly ordinary wife and mother who does nothing but cook and look after her family members. But this role is not for Molly, so she chose a very unusual profession, becoming a real astronaut. For her no wonder the landscapes of outer space. Latest her absence the house was delayed for a long time. She spent a whole year away from home and her family, but now she's finally coming back to her beloved husband and son. Now, finally, in family life, Molly must have peace and quiet, but that didn't happen. Because of the long absence of the heroine has lost contact and common ground with his family, from this between them constantly have endless scandals. It makes a woman really depressed. Soon Molly's condition worsened and she had to seek medical help. The reason for poor health, according to the doctor, was pregnancy. The weird thing is that Molly got pregnant in orbit, but how is that possible?

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