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Original Title: Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch
Channel: MTV Nederland
Description: Endless corridors, like tunnels, illuminated by dim light bulbs dirty, dark train in the subway and housing is the main character of the drama Thriller the Double (2013), which is similar to the gray room in the dormitory, and Simon, which is unique in its invisibility. It does not remember even years works as a security guard in his office. The entire his life, if its can be called such, gray, monotonous, and most surprising the, that Simon, believes, that can take interlocutor place in absolutely an empty carriage. The only light in his life is his colleague and neighbor, whom he watches every evening, and all day when she is sitting at her Desk in the house opposite. All expression of feelings - every day to come to it and to copy documents. And so it goes on for seven years. And that's just Simon decided to do any step in my life and the lives of the entire office there Jason, which in appearance is an exact copy of Simon, the sight of which the hero of the film the Double (2013) immediately loses consciousness, but inside this person is the absolute opposite. Brave, smart, cunning and charming Jason immediately becomes a favorite of the whole office. At first, they are even friends, but when Jason begins to take Simon's life, all their relationships cease to be friendly, and become more dangerous and unpredictable. How can you not go crazy here? But there is a way out-an exception to the system. It is worth watching the movie double (2013), which will tell how to change the life of an inconspicuous office worker, after his meeting with his copy in the dark topical world of gray buildings and dark, as if in a haze, corridors. This movie is based on the novel by the famous classic Fyodor Dostoevsky "Double". The meeting of two absolutely identical on the outside and the inside various people have repeatedly seen in the film, and one of the examples of this exciting Spanish Thriller the Enemy. Even though the movie, it becomes clear that this is no good will not result.

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