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In the past centuries, death and cruelty were quite commonplace, people then died at every step, often becoming victims of numerous criminals who felt their impunity before the law. But now everything has changed: in the civilized countries of the modern world even minor crimes are punished according to the established legislation of the troublemakers are persecuted all the police and Federal services, and society itself with a categorical denial applies to all violent criminals, declaring them the world's villains and calling to punish the evil monsters with all sorts of horrors. However, even in such a calm society there are really scary maniacs who do their criminal deeds in secret from the people around them, often maintaining a mask of good nature and modesty, under which real monsters hide. In each episode of this series describes the history of different murderers responsible for the death of numerous ordinary people. The authors tried to show the life and motives of the maniacs themselves, who often came to such activities because of the difficult past or serious mental defects, pushing the previously kind person to become a mad sadist enjoying someone else's suffering.