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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
"Everything Sucks!" – American TV show Netflix about school Teens who are constantly faced with the problems of universal scale. In their opinion, of course. The events of the show occur in the early to mid-nineties, when the children are not sat for hours, playing computer games and checking the tape of social networks on smartphones. nn

Luke O'neil is not popular with peers at school. He goes to study in high school, and is determined to change the current situation. Together with his best friends, McQuaid and Tyler, the guy is going to make your own movie below from local loser to turn into a teen idol. nn

Guys come into the school video club, where Luke meets a beautiful woman Kate, daughter of the school Director. They begin a relationship, but if O'neill feels real feelings, for Kate it is commonplace cover, a girl carefully concealing their sexual orientation. nn

while working on the film, Luke encounters many challenges. For trouble on the love front adds a budding romance between his mom and the Director of the school Messner. Besides, O'neill has a grievance with the head of the drama club of Oliver, which sees a talented guy with a potential competitor. Work on the film and then stops, and things go from bad to worse. However, Luke does not give up, intending to complete work on the project of your dreams. nn

"sucks!" turned out to be incredibly sweet and a valve series in which there is a place for laughter and nostalgia. If you missed the atmosphere of the nineties, you will definitely enjoy!