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The series tells about the childhood of Chris Rock – a famous American actor of Hollywood comic genre. All real names and places in the film are changed to fictitious names. At the age of thirteen his family – younger brother and sister, mother and father-moved to live in a new area. American Brooklyn meets little Chris is not very friendly. His father is constantly working several jobs to help the family meet a sufficient standard of living, and his mother Rochelle watches the house. She also works in the office. Chris, is the oldest child and takes absolutely all the responsibilities for the education of the younger brother and younger sister.rn

a visit to a school for Chris becomes a regular activity. Since the school is privileged, he is forced to face the confrontation of his classmates every day, for whom the teenager turns into a target. All children in the school are white and do not perceive dark-skinned novice. On the love front, too, do not get along – the girls scoff at the feelings of the guy. Strange Director, also not inclined to trust Chris, besides he visits a very strange places, like Nightclubs. Unfortunately, he can not count on luck, Chris gets all sorts of alterations, with what, the more he tries to get out of them, the harder it turns out to do.If the day starts well for Chris, then its ending will not necessarily be. The child feels that everyone is against him. However, thanks to his extraordinary patience, charm and kindness teenager finds friends and assistants.Bright and sparkling humor, which literally and figuratively borders on the black genre, permeates the entire series. It is especially interesting to watch this film in the original translation from Courage. In this format, all English-language names will be replaced by Russian. Even dollars will turn into rubles, and American districts will have Moscow names. The names of the characters also changed. For example, Chris ' mom turns to Roxanne Babanova, and the sister gets a Russian name Tonya. Brother's name is Andrew.