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As well as many owners of dexterous hands, Vernon decided that the ability acquired by long trainings to show card tricks at a poker table will be much more necessary to it, than on children's matinees. In other words, he decided to earn a lot of money by cheating during games with serious players, which requires not only talent, but also nerves of steel. Oddly enough, not one Vernon was ready for such an adventure: to keep him company at the card table also agreed beautiful Tiffany, for the money is ready for almost everything, and her husband Charlie Miller, with whom Vernon had previously dealt. And the goal they have chosen is not just difficult, but really legendary: Dean Stevens, who once, back in the 1970-ies., earned a reputation as a virtuoso player, with amazing ease substituting others and takes the money itself. Add color to the mafia, which does not want to lose their money, and get the full picture of the incident, which decided three resourceful adventurers.

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