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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
The project takes place in a small high-tech city inhabited by outstanding scientists and ordinary geniuses.the Audience will be immersed in the atmosphere of a provincial town called Eureka, located somewhere in Oregon. From hundreds of other similar settlements it is distinguished by a special top secret-the existence of the city is kept in the strictest secrecy. The fact is that in Eureka live brilliant scientists who put dangerous and mysterious experiments, conducting all kinds of research and creating unimaginable new technologies.the Town is controlled by the powerful global dynamics Corporation, which is run by the US Department of defense. So, no outsider will be here. But once in this unusual city arrived a new Sheriff-the usual bailiff Jack Carter. He was just taking his teenage daughter, little criminal Zoe, to her mom, his ex-wife. And the road just happened to bring Carter in the previous Sheriff was seriously injured, Jack was offered to replace him. And although a man is no different genius or scientific mind, he is shrewd, savvy and charming in addition. Perfectly getting along with people and finding a common language with almost all citizens, Carter quickly became his own. Well, Zoe liked the city so much that she persuaded her not to send her to her mother and stayed in a new place with her father.soon Carter found out, life in the town of scientists is in full swing. And it can be called anything, but not boring and cloudless. Due to various studies, the existence of Eureka is constantly under threat. Due to the actions of individual geniuses, the city is regularly threatened by such disasters, which are difficult to imagine. And the danger posed by some scientific ideas is so great that it can affect the whole world.if it were not for the timely assistance of the Sheriff, his assistants and employees of global dynamics, our planet could have simply disappeared. Fortunately, Jack and his friends manage to neutralize in time consequences of mysterious experiments and not to allow any madman to ruin the Universe.