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Before Sanem helped the elderly father in his grocery store. She greeted the dawn and opened the place, warmly welcomed visitors and released the goods. But when I found out about the upcoming wedding, I decided to change my occupation. The fact is that an old childhood friend, for whom parents want to give the main character of the painting "Early bird", she does not like. And offer using the sisters, the girl went to Istanbul publisher.Lale has been working here for several years and has proved herself to be a valuable Executive who is ready to do a lot for the common cause. But on a close relative of Salem from the series "the early bird" is not like. If that typical careerist with a calculating mind and a stranglehold, the new girl is naive and sentimental, though it attracts the attention of almost all male colleagues. It so happened that the girl fell in love and the sons of the head.Emre is diligent and diligent, he clearly and timely performs all the tasks, but is not able to come up with something original to improve the competitiveness of his father's enterprise. As Jung rightly one of the heirs comes into the office in a tracksuit, but at the same time during meetings can offer unique ideas to promote the business. Of course, both heirs claim the chair of his father, who was going to retire soon. Feelings for Salem-another reason to fight between blood brothers, for the attention of the chosen one everyone is trying to show their best.