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As the slogan of the action film says, " everything has its price, and we can be sure of this thanks to the carefree rest of the main characters, who are so carefree that they will allow themselves to cross the line... In the center of the plot of the Thriller is a group of friends. One of them convinces others to spend the upcoming weekend on some mysterious island. Intrigued guys agree to the trip, not even imagining that soon it will turn into a real nightmare for them. First things go well: they visit a posh nightclub. In the midst of Jason's party-one of his friends-the owner of the place calls and offers him a potent drug called "Inducement". The guy, like all his friends, and he would like to try something like ecstasy, he asked about it many people on the dance floor, and therefore got into the office of the owner of the club. The man gives Jason a case with ten portions of a drug of a strange color, putting only one condition: to try one dose today and never do it again in my life. The guy agrees, takes the blue liquid and treats all his friends... Soon they are covered by a wave of incredible fun. The evening was really amazing, but the next day the heroes decide to repeat the reception of intoxicating liquid, despite the warnings of the dealer...

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