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  • Drama
Heroes of the love drama are waiting for a lot of tests, separation, tragic episodes, unbearable mental anguish on the way to happiness.Fate first gave the boy and the girl a chance for a great feeling and endless love, and then laughed cruelly when the relationship of young people interfered with external forces, destroyed pure love and separated the lovers for years, harden their hearts, thoughts and life plans.Kemal and Nihan met on the bus, which for a poor student was the usual means of transportation, but the daughter of a successful businessman here was by chance. The student and the artist immediately felt mutual sympathy, eventually turned into a sincere, tender romance, happiness for two ardent lovers. however lovers not destined to long enjoy its a stark passion, after all have bride's there is another fan – Emir, narcissistic, selfish, nerve, irritable and extremely dangerous in anger. Moreover, the son of a very powerful man, who for the sake of an heir capable of any meanness and criminal schemes. The father of an unsuspecting Nihan finds himself in a web of blackmail, the girl is forced to make a cruel choice between love and family duty. The heart of the young poor man is broken, the drama left him sobbing, tearing his hair in despair and misunderstanding, because the beloved did not even explain the cause of such a painful blow. Love tragedy, privalia to the fact that the guy has been roughened up, have hardened, left home and went away from Istanbul, to make a name for yourself, succeed, and then to return to the capital a fierce, thirsting for revenge of the enemies and the former the bride.

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