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Chris and Eddie have achieved nothing in their lives and live in almost poverty, and a good future they do not Shine. But when Chris got a job as a driver of a collector's car, what are the prospects for the heroes of the movie Empire state And if Chris, as a man conscientious even doubt that his friend is a jerk Eddie instantly lights up ideas and found a few performers. That's only in the implementation of the robbery, the guys pulled themselves as sticks in the wheels. nnEmpire state (2013) - a dramatic Thriller, which is based on the new York story of the biggest real robbery in 1982. This is the second recent criminal film, based on real events, in the main actor's lists which appear Dwayne Johnson (recall the first was the Blood Everything that happens in the movie Empire state is not a Director's production - everything happens on real events, so the guys are waiting for so many disappointments and failures. Mafia are hunting for all suspects, Chris must give them the money (because he did not keep track of their safety), and the police with