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The deaf wilds of Kansas become a cage for the dreamer Dorothy Gale. The girl desperately wants to leave the close abode, to do something Grand, significant, but is forced to obey the quiet family way of life. A police officer once witnessed an incredible strengthening of the wind. The approach of a tornado excites the district, and soon the hurricane picks up the car of the observer and her dog. The stormy air cycle brings the dreamer to the "emerald city 1 season", where the American accidentally kills the Sorceress of the East in the fall. The evil sisters of the deceased prophesy the end of their own rule with the arrival of a stranger. Witches of the North and the West are indignant, eager to destroy the wanderer.Assistants show the dispersed guest how to get to the local sage. Only Oz is able to explain to the heroine the true purpose. Moving along the path, woven from neatly lined with yellow paving stones, the wanderer finds a immobilized stranger. The help to the tortured sufferer turns out to be a significant step of the traveler, because the rescued man swears to constantly protect the beautiful witch from the evil environment. Laughing at the comparison with the great rulers of magic, the visitor of the ancient country has no idea that she will soon join the number of local celebrities thanks to the unknown magic power.

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