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  • Genres:
  • Drama
This series of Spanish production belongs to the genre of mysticism. The story tells about the children of rich parents. Children study and live in boarding house "Black lagoon". Someone diligently studying and even gets a scholarship, and someone "fooling around", knowing that parents will pay for everything. At school there are children of different ages and all have the same rules of conduct. The main thing is not to go outside the gate of the Guesthouse at night. One day, a 17-year-old boy and his little sister arrive at the walls of this elite boarding house. That's just they come here for a reason, parents of children disappeared under strange circumstances. Children become wards of the Director of the school who do not agree with the young man. He intends to himself take custody of his sister and get to the truth to find his parents. At the same time, a woman escapes from a psychiatric hospital and miraculously gets a job in the "Black lagoon" as a cleaner. And all in order to find his son, whom she had stolen many years ago. In addition, the school itself is shrouded in dark secrets of the past and gradually reveals their shocking truth to the light. And deal with the legends and mysterious events will have the main characters. At first, the guys think it's interesting, but everything changes when their lives are threatened.