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Businessman in favor of a profit offered to the fools to forget what it was before, living only hope to get a dose. The short dark path did not frighten the madmen, because it is easier to live under the high. Unfortunately, and the drug dealer are mired in the sins of the flesh, the picture The dealer was worse than the creature, which for fabulous profits ready itself to such a creation to push to hell. for the crimes of the guardians of order hid the criminal in prison, but the money decided everything done tunnel, Shorty on the loose. Building a criminal career, the brave young man became a favorite of the disadvantaged people, who literally worshipped him for handouts. Trading potion, influential boss was able to share money with the poor, but unfasten the dirty money of those in power masters and the human protectors. Self-serving insolent was a mistake of nature, his inner world is perverted. Go the vile way the rogue had long, opponents and haters were able to find the weaknesses of the merchant, the power of cunning managed to remove the nasty villain, drowning in grief young, lost souls

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