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The main character of the film East, Jane Owen-an employee of the organization involved in corporate investigations. Its new facilities become a secret group "East", which is engaged in non-standard operations. Their goal is to punish all those involved in the pollution of our planet. From the first minutes of the film it becomes clear that the payment for the crime will be the same as the damage caused to nature. Any action is fraught with opposition, and if one of the "victims" poured tons of oil into the sea, it will have the same result - the oil will have ventilation. It is cruel, radical, but effective - ecoterrorists are guided by such rules. Gradually approaching the participants, Jane, that operates under the name of Sarah moss, is starting to share interests and moral principles of the criminals. Now their ideas seem to be not so criminal, they make sense, even if they are cruel. But the film Group "the East" (2013) is atypical in its story, therefore, under moral laws, which are pursued by the "East" is a banal revenge to those corporations that ruined the life of the members of this secret group. In addition, Sarah falls in love with the leader of the organization Benji, which further alienates it from the main task. She tries hard to convince him that killing others, it is impossible to save the world. The East is a Thriller about an environmental terrorist group with a very unconventional plot. First of all, we should highlight the excellent cast, among which Alexander Skarsgard, known for The film battleship and Brit Marling from the film Vicious passion. The question of the triumph of justice, which does not always border on morality and humanity, and what leads to impunity, are a red thread through the film East (2013), forcing the viewer to think about what is happening in the world. And the affair between Sarah, Benji and Izzy keeps in suspense until the credits roll.

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