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The real cool police officer is the one who catches up with fear not only on criminals, but also on the colleagues. It is such a strong nut is Chris Monsanto. He always was his own man and not argue with him, even his superiors. He is a wild Ranger who takes part in all the serious scrapes. This guy chose a profession like and always goes to work as a holiday. He is considered the perfect weapon against the crime of the city. He has no such notions as compassion and pity. With the gang syndicate, he never agrees on anything. Nothing and no one in his hometown can not scare the brave policeman. He knows that for him local authorities, city police and the law. Therefore, it always acts as it considers correct. In any case, a criminal will go to jail, not a police officer who was just doing his job. In a relationship with the opposite sex, Chris is a real stallion. Women from him just go crazy, so he changes them so often. Nevertheless, he is very courteous and concise, as befits a true macho. In addition to all these qualities, the main character has an unusual sense of humor, which shows in each series.