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Senor Andueza, the influential and the rich man is the head of the tourism Corporation, through which it commits serious financial fraud and engaged in major fraud. An employee of this company named Julio Cesar Guerrero, learning that the chief illegally appropriates other people's millions, talks about these dark cases, thereby causing a huge scandal and a lot of proceedings. Himself Signor Andwas not withstand such a turn of events, and dies at the hands of his daughter Victoria, who just returned from Italy. Victoria, absent from the country for a long time, was not aware of the fraudulent Affairs of his father, so immediately saw the culprit in the face of Julio Cesar Guerrero, knowing only that his father died as a result of the conflict with this man. Victoria vowed to take revenge on Julio Cesar, she came up with an impeccable plan in her opinion, by which she will be able to lower and morally destroy this man. A beautiful girl with fake documents changes her name and falls in love with Julio Cesar, intending to marry him after himself. But soon a passionate desire for revenge gives way to an unexpected feeling of love. Involuntarily, Victoria reciprocates his feelings, to abandon his feelings, the girl had not. However, by chance Julio Cesar learns about who is actually his bride. He tells Victoria the truth about her father. She realizes what a terrible mistake was made, but it's too late…